SxSW Saturday 3/10 Evening

Basically, I’ve roughing it out here in the the Wild West, wrangling myself Angus steaks out in the badlands of my Marriott Hotel Lobby Restaurant, braving rabid VCs, becoming the co-subject of a crazy documentary film, and attempting to sell (a company I very definitely don’t own…yet) to Columbia pictures. Eh, it’s SxSW, I guess that’s just what happens here.

This last item was our big endeavor of last night — reblogging from Nick Spiller’s site!

Resurrection of Plancast

In Uncategorized on March 11, 2012 at 8:47 pm

A little under a month ago the event sharing site Plancast was abandoned. Their team lost passion for what they were doing. Despite having over 200k+ impressions per month the company was unable to monetize A group of undergraduates (including me) directed by Larry Chiang are teaming up at SXSW Film festival to attempt an unprecedented resurrection by monetizing the business in order to make this SXSW legendary. In order to do this we are going use the site to promote the launch of 21 Jump Street by offering a limited number of refunds on tickets bought through Plancast. This will create social media buzz, which has a strong correlation with box office success. Through this strategy we will attempt to sell plancast to the movie studio behind the film, MGM, as a powerful social marketing platform with higher ROI than traditional advertising, which produces only on the order of $6 return for each $10 invested.

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